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American Lapidary Wholesalers
[Oradell, NJ] : Wholesale lapidary equipment and supplies for faceters, cabochon makers and jewelers.
Austik Label Systems
[ Bayswater, Australia ] : Jewelry Labels and Jewelry tags for Bar Codes. Inc
[Sioux City, IA] : Outstanding prices on lapidary equipment and supplies!
Dad's Rock Shop
[ Mohave Valley, AZ ] Rock shop specializing in rock tumblers, lapidary equipment tools and supplies.
GemMaster II - Fac-Ette Manufacturing, Inc
[ Leland, North Carolina ]: The GemMaster II has proven a delight for both the expert gem cutter.
Polishers & Jewelers Supply Corp.
[Providence, RI] : We offer a vast product line of jewelry manufacturing supplies, jewelers tools.
SEP Jewelry Tools of Chicago, Inc.
[ Chicago, IL ] : Suppliers of equipment and tools to the jewelry trade.
Tool Jewels
[Lawrence, NY] : Its the hardware that you wear.New Jewelry based on tools: hammers, wrenches single cast hand finished.
Widget Supply
[ Albany, OR ] : Items for Dremel rotary tools, precision tools, loupes, and jeweler's tools.