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Jofri Jewelry Link Partner
Jofri Jewelry: your jewel for all your special occasion! Jofri Jewelry offers the best jewels in different types of material, like gold, silver, bronze and steel and with the more precious stones, as rubies, topaz, diamonds, brilliants, sapphire, emerald, amethysts, aquamarine, onix and corals.
Art Thou Glorious
Unique handcrafted jewelry in Sterling Silver, Copper, and Brass created using a wide variety of chainmail techniques with natural stone and glass beads.
Art Thou Glorious
Uniquely crafted, handmade jewelry inspired by working textile techniques in silver and gold wire.
Jeffrey Design
Jewelry that fits your spirit! Genuine Gemstone and Precious metal artisan jewelry at below wholesale.
Kacha Stones
Individually handcrafted jewellery in silver and gold. Flawless gemstones. Free worldwide shipping.
Key Stone Jewelry
Designer jewelry at affordable prices! Very skillful artist! Little Texas gal that makes superb pieces with designer stones.
Money Clips Designed by Skystone and Silver
Handmade Silver and Gold Money Clips.
Pippin Bass
Beautiful handcrafted jewelry in pure sterling silver, shell, pearl, genuine Baltic amber.
Sozra Jewelry
22 years specializing in the art of creating beautiful Jewelry ; Earcuffs, Earrings.
Purple Daisy Jewellery
Tesoros De Taxco Inc.
[Morristown, AZ] : We are wholesalers of the finest handcrafted abalone shell jewelry and gift items from Old Mexico.