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Embassy Emeralds Link Partner
Online dealer of fine, cut Colombian emeralds in a variety of shapes, including emerald cut, oval cut, and fancy cut emeralds. Each emerald is hand-picked and direct from the mines in Colombia.
A.D. Ventures Inc.
Emeralds and gold recovered from a shipwreck.
Archaeological Discovery Ventures
Find out about the Greatest Treasure Ever Found.
Delta Bravo Gemstones
[ Denver,CO ] : Emerald specimens are the best examples of how Emeralds occur in their natural habitat.
[New York, NY] : Emeralds, rubies, sapphires; hard asset collectibles at wholesale prices.
The Gemstar/Eshed-Diam WWW Site Welcome Page.
Marcial De Gomar's Emeralds
The largest retail selection of rough and cut natural emeralds and Conch pearls in the US and Canada.
Pink Emeralds
The World's Largest Collection of Pink Emeralds, Objets d' Art and Investment Gemstones.